Bill Assistance

We are proud to be your Retail Electric Provider and we are committed to working with qualified customers in need.

SNAP or Medicaid Recipients
If you receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Medicaid, you're eligible for bill assistance. Contact your local Texas Department of Health and Human Services office.

2-1-1 TEXAS
If you need help paying your electricity bill, call 211 within Texas or visit 2-1-1 Texas is a program of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and is committed to helping Texas citizens connect with the services they need. No matter where you live in Texas, you can dial 2-1-1, or (877) 541-7905, and find information about resources in your local community.

Deferred Payment Plans
A deferred payment plan is any written arrangement between Energy Monger and a customer that allows a customer to pay an outstanding bill in installments that extend beyond the due date of the next bill. A deferred payment plan may be established in person or by telephone, and all deferred payment plans shall be put in writing. Energy Monger offers a deferred payment plan to any residential customer who has expressed an inability to pay all of the bill and if that customer has not been issued more than two disconnection notices during the preceding 12 months. A deferred payment plan shall provide that the delinquent amount may be paid in equal installments lasting at least three billing cycles. When a customer has received service from Energy Monger for less than three months, Energy Monger is not required to offer a deferred payment plan if the customer lacks sufficient credit or a satisfactory history of payment for service from a previous utility.